Marching With Blindfolds

For the past few weeks there have been several marches demanding justice for Freddie Gray. I’m not mad at all of the protest against the police basically having open season on our black community but what are we really doing to make a real change? What now? Some of these marches seem more of a band…..

Here’s What’s Playing This Weekend!


This weekend is a good weekend for a movie. There are three really big movies coming out this weekend and let’s just say I will probably be giving them all my cash this weekend! Grab your popcorn and check out this weekends releases below:   The Age of Adeline “After miraculously remaining 29 years old for almost…..

Baltimore Residents Come Together & Protest in Honor of Freddie Gray


  At 3 pm today Baltimore residents began gathering  in several locations throughout Baltimore City to protest in honor of recent police brutality victim, Freddie Gray. Protesters have been spotted in front of city hall, the U.S. Courthouse lawn and on some major streets like Pennsylvania Ave. Residents are blocking major streets and some downtown businesses…..

Jordan Davis Documentary “3 1/2 Minutes” Coming to HBO This Fall

In case you have never heard Jordan Davis’ story, here is a recap: Jordan Davis was murdered in cold blood by a white man by the name of Michael Dunn back in 2014. The two exchanged words over Davis’ music being to loud while he was in a gas station parking lot. Three and a half…..

Mo’Nique Shares Emails That Prove She Was Offered A Role On Empire

Mo'Nique on Sway In The Morning Show

  Mo’Nique isn’t about to let anyone drag her name through the mud! She was on “Sway In The Morning Show” and wasted no time promoting her new movie, Blackbird and clearing her name by all means necessary when it came down to her situation with Lee Daniels. She has been saying for a while now…..

Waka Flocka For President?


It looks like Hilary Clinton isn’t the only candidate trying to get on the ballot for the 2016 Presidency! Waka Flocka wants a seat in the oval office as well, and he is dead serious! On April 20th, the Atlanta rapper made the announcement that he was indeed running for president of the United States! His…..

Will A Victory For Clinton Positively Affect Women Of Color?


  By: LaVita Tuff By now we all have heard that Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady and Secretary of State, has embarked upon the long journey towards the 2016 Presidential Election . Despite the recent email scandal that leaves her Secretary of State legacy somewhat tainted, many believe she is fit for the job as…..


Protesters in front of Baltimore Police Headquaters

By: Alston Johnson Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about Freddie Gray, lets take a second to recap before I share my opinion on this incident. On Sunday, April 12th, Freddie Gray was arrested in Baltimore City, on charges that are still unknown to the public. By Thursday, it was…..

Hillary Clinton for President?


By: Brittney “Queen B” Thornton The rumors have finally been confirmed that Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for the 2016 presidential election. I have always been a supporter of both Clinton campaigns and found myself at a toss up when Hillary and President Barack Obama competed against each other in 2008 for the democratic party presidential…..

Brandy To Star In New Romantic Comedy on BET

  Brandy is making sure the checks keep rolling in! Not only has she been cast as Roxie Hart in the stage play “Chicago”, she also landed a new romantic comedy on BET this year, entitled “Zoe Moon.” Brandy (Zoe Moon) plays a newly divorced single mom, with a ten year old son. Her now ex-husband…..