See 1st Pics From RHOA Reunion Smack Down – Porsha vs Kenya

 By now many have heard about the RHOA reunion smack down between Porsha and Kenya. Since the word got out , various rumors have circulated … Porsha was allegedly kicked off … RHOA  castmates allegedly refusing to renew contracts until Porsha is allowed back on set … hmmm.  Kenya Moore has become RHOA enemy #1 and seems to love to pick at her fellow castmates – Nene was her 1st nemesis  and while Phaedra & Apollo seemed her favorite targets …Porsha seemed to be her easy prey. Not sure what is true or false but based upon the pic below thing is certain…Porsha is not one to be pushed… YEAH… THAT IS KENYA MOORE’S WEAVE ABOUT BE GONE WITH THE WIND IN PORSHA’S TIGHT GRIP


via twitter / Bravo TV

Looks like Porsha was not playing w/ Kenya ANY MORE!!

Here is a little sneak peek of how Kenya got in that precarious position -


Do you think it’s ever a time when a lady is justified to whoop dat azz… seriously? When does taking the high road one too many times end up with you kicking someone down the hill?

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